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Our goal is to find the most reliable offshore online investment programs, based on forex market, sports betting that are using e-currency processors like e-gold, e-bullion, pecunix, moneybookers, Liberty Reserve and more.

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HYIP which stands for High Yield Investment Program is just what it sounds like, a program offering a high yield investment. HYIP's are offering probably the most profitable investments available today, much more than any bank or investment fund.

We can divide hyips to on-line and off-line investments. Off-line hyips are usually not available for common investors, their minimum of deposit is about $100k and more. In this reason we will direct our interest to online investment opportunities. These programs are offering very variable ROI depend of types their investment plans: daily, weekly bi-weekly, Monthly, yearly. They are usually offering interest rates ranging between 0–5% Daily, 1-10% Weekly, 3-40% Monthly. But it`s not hard to find the programs that offer higher profit, if you find one you can be sure that it`s a scam or ponzi.

You can ask now: so if I find some investment program that offers about 1% daily can I invest with trust? The answer is: no! Only small percent of them (or maybe percent of percent) are really investing investors money rest of them are scams and ponzies. If you find such program it`s the first success only, the second is to find honest hyip admin person that really know what to do with your money to multiply it.

The main sources of incomes in High Yield Investment Programs are:

Forex Market
Stock Exchanges
Sports Betting
Export Import Trade
Real Estate

Why they collect money from investors? If they make so high profit from investments why they do not invest own money only or why can`t they just get a bank loan? The reason is simple, as you know, money makes money. Every large corporation needs investors/shareholders for leverage.




Date                   Program 
02 June 2008  
30 May 2008    
29 May 2008    
15 May 2008    
14 May 2008
07 May 2008    
26 April 2008
23 April 2008   

- Hyip - Autosurf



 Date           Program           ROI
02 June 2008  SafeAtom         2.00
02 June 2008  iMonet             1.60
02 June 2008  ROInv-Ltd       0.30
02 June 2008  AlcoHolding...  1.50
02 June 2008  ConstantPro...  3.00
02 June 2008  1dailyfunds...    0.82
02 June 2008  IMoneyTrader 2.00
02 June 2008  Invest-With...    2.50
01 June 2008  SafeAtom          2.00
01 June 2008  AlcoHolding...   1.50
01 June 2008 ConstantPro...    3.00



   Date                       Program
29 May 2008           IMoneyTrader
12 May 2008           Money24hours
02 May 2008           Invest-With...
19 March 2008         iNetCapital
14 March 2008         Royal-Plan-Pro
03 March 2008        Acmos-Trade
08 February 2008     SurfProfitPro
06 September 2007  Minvestment
14 August 2007        Minvestment
29 May 2007         Ads-By-Vision
16 May 2007         Ads-By-Vision


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